Editing in SoHo

Moving Pictures’ editing services range from an Avid Symphony Nitris designed for HD finishing to Final Cut Pro editing systems. We provide technical support with 24 x 7 access for independent features, documentaries and commercials. Plus, enjoy our terrace overlooking Manhattan while you edit!

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Edit Room

  • Symphony 7 Nitris DX
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Aja Kona Lhi Card
  • HDCam
  • Digital Betacam
  • Blueray-player
  • Blueray-burner
  • DVD Recorder
  • Video Legalizer
  • HD Scopes
  • HD Plasma screen
  • CRT Broadcast monitor
  • Storage as needed
  • Tape to file/file to tape conversions

Digital Plugins include:

  • Plaural Eyes
  • Automatic Duck
  • Screen Flow
  • Adobe CS6 package
  • Boris Red